As part of our commitment to unrestricted education, we offer a variety of workshops, trainings, and presentations both on and off campus. With options for students and for industry professionals, these engagements benefit a variety of audiences.
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Current Offerings

Creative Problem-Solving
In this workshop, we help you to understand the details behind your “fuzzy” and challenging problems using a time-tested problem-solving methodology.
Applied Imagination
Learn the genesis of innovation and develop a creative mindset using Ideation. We focus on the tools and techniques that identify problems & opportunities.
Social Dexterity
Does your IT team know how to deliver a remarkable customer experience? This workshop is open to practicing professionals looking to encourage healthy collaboration, improve your efficiency, and provide exceptional and efficient service to their customers.
Always Being Interviewed
Discover the benefits of exhibiting poise & discipline – being intentionally extraordinary in all things and at all time. Based on the book of the same name.
Simplifying Productivity
In Simplifying Productivity, we guide you through a distilled presentation to identify the techniques and tools that will best improve your productivity.
Next Step Master Prep
Learn how to leverage the present to improve your future! We cover everything from communications to networking, from maximization to time management.
Designing Websites with Wordpress
Gain valuable resume experience by learning to craft, customize, and code a fully-functioning student website using the Wordpress platform.
Beginner's Web Design
Design a website without having any prior knowledge This intensive introduces you to creating a website using Squarespace and explores design principles. 
Applied Imagination: Youth Edition
Explore worthy ideas by gathering information, mapping challenges, writing stories, creating roadmaps, and defending your solutions!