Student Life

Experience Genuine Community

We have a wonderful community here at Apprentice University. Our apprentices have access to many exclusive events, as well as the ability to organize their own activities.

Student Life Events



We host an assortment of workshops at Apprentice University, many of which we open to the public for networking purposes.

Movie Nights

Both our instructors and our students will organize a variety of movie nights in the evenings after Friday classes.


Parties and get-togethers happen quite often at Apprentice University, sometimes staff-led, sometimes student-organized.

Dance Parties

Our apprentices have an affinity for the arts and music, so they often invite their friends to an evening of dancing.

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Student-Run Businesses & Hosted Organizations

As part of their experience at Apprentice University, students have the opportunities to run or work in student-led businesses. Apprentice University also hosts other organizations started by our apprentices.