Our Story

During the past seven years, Apprentice University has sought to provide students throughout Indiana and beyond with access to education unrestricted.

After years of trying to hire ready talent from amongst recent college graduates for my businesses, I decided to invest in my own. — Ron, Founder of Apprentice University

Originally created to alleviate a talent shortage in the technology industry, Apprentice University has expanded to a diverse community of professionals and students. The interests of our apprentices range from cybersecurity to marketing to social entrepreneurship to media and storytelling. The model has undergone a few iterations, but throughout the changes the university remains a center of innovative education.

The Mission

The commoditized, impersonal system of higher education has become impractical.

AU offers self-motivated, entrepreneurially-minded high school graduates a unique, challenging, and targeted means of education that relies on:

  • Hands-on professional experience
  • Direct mentoring through apprenticeships
  • A strong community
  • Business creation and implementation
  • Training in life and work skills
As they develop their skills, AU students will learn to become engaged entrepreneurs equipped with habits of character and practical market skills, such as:
  • A mindset of ideation and innovation
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Clear communication
  • Collaboration
  • Lifelong learning

Apprentice University presents a customized solution that inspires the next generation to go beyond limits and expectations to become readily-employable professionals who can use their skills and strengths to serve others.


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