The Apprentice Experience

Eliminating artificial boundaries, pushing students to their fullest potential, and promoting imagination without limits.
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Young people can achieve great things. That’s why we strive to provide avenues through which the next generation can surpass expectations and fulfill their potential.

Elements of Apprentice University

This innovative program consists of six layers that form a competitive model of unrestricted learning.

Planned Apprenticeships

Experience is an excellent teacher. At Apprentice University, students learn by experience through the time-tested model of apprenticeships. These apprenticeships offer students on the job training as well as opportunities to apply their studies to the real world.

Mastery-Based Digital Badging

As students acquire knowledge through their apprenticeships, classes, or other means, they earn digital badges representing their achievements. These badges are based on specific rubrics with measurable criteria, so students know their exact expectations.

In-Person Seminar Style Classes

Apprentice University makes the classroom environment more conducive to learning by replacing “the sage on the stage” with group discussion, mentorship, and hands-on projects. We base academic success on mastery, not letter grades.

Personalized Education Pathways

Following acceptance, we assist students in identifying their individualized pathways and developing purpose-driven tracks. Student individualized pathways allow apprentices to discover and follow their purpose so they can maximize these critical years in their lives.

Integrated Cohort Learning

During their time at Apprentice University, students will engage in various integrated cohorts so they can gain the skills necessary to excel as members of high-performance teams.

Unique Learning Opportunities

In addition to apprenticeships and academics, intentionally extraordinary students at Apprentice University have access to unique growth and learning opportunities that offer them the possibility of networking with experienced professionals.

Experience Apprentice University

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