Helping students intentionally plan for future success

Orienteering helps students break the mold and prepare for the future. Through this program, you’ll gain confidence to determine the direction for the next step of your life.
Orienteering provides an incredible curriculum for students to work through. Perhaps its most extraordinary feature is the one-on-one conversations students have with mentors, professionals in the business world, who can share their lessons and experiences with others and help guide students toward a great future.
Grace M
The Orienteering process differs profoundly from traditional career guidance counseling. In this three-day intensive career mapping workshop, you learn to target success outside of neat boxes. Named for the Swedish sport of way-finding, Orienteering changes students’ perspective of their future and provides them a method to pursue success.
Orienteering students follow a step-by-step process of defining a destination, building skills, setting goals, and evaluating ideas to discover a personal career map. Students also network with experienced professionals and mentors from a variety of industries.

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