Mentor School
Preparing individuals to confidently and capably mentor colleagues
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Mentor School
Preparing individuals to confidently and capably mentor colleagues
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Designed for You & Your Company's Growth
Designed for You & Your Company's Growth
Are you a business professional seeking to grow in your leadership skills and to convey company culture to your upcoming colleagues? Mentor School prepares you to mentor the next generation of teammates by providing fresh ideas with immediate applicability.

Six Months

During this 6-month experiential learning program, you'll attend monthly meetings hosted at Apprentice University.

Quality Content

Each cohort meeting's specific agenda that ensures you will benefit from excellent content & meaningful application.

Real Application

As a mentor, you'll have the opportunity to bring your mentee to three designated meetings during the cohort.
Why You Should Become a Mentor
Mentoring offers invaluable benefits to you and your business.
  • Convey company culture

  • Improve Your Leadership

  • Share Your Expertise

  • Find New Talent

  • Build relationships

  • Learn by Teaching

  • Advance your career

  • Discover New ideas

  • Serve Others

  • Pay it Forward

Mentor School at a Glance

Welcome Kit

All participants will receive a kit that includes a welcome letter, journal, essential curriculum and assessments, books, a shirt, and more.


Consider this your sample schedule: Enjoy complimentary breakfast at 7:30 AM, start at 8 AM, and network during lunch at 12:30 PM.


Each cohort will begin with discussion, then new learning, reviews and takeaways, application, and finally instruction regarding upcoming assignments.


Participants will leave each monthly meeting with assigned outside work that they will expect to fulfill in preparation for the next cohort meeting.


Mentors are expected to work with a mentee throughout the six-month cohort. Mentees will be expected to attend on specified dates at least three times during the cohort.


Upon successful completion of Mentor School, you will receive a certification as a professional mentor, granted on behalf of Apprentice University.


Each month, Mentor School covers a particular aspect of mentoring.

Month #1 – Mindset

Month #2 – Roles

Month #3 – Structure

Months #4-5 – Relationships

Month #6 – Tools and Techniques

At Apprentice University, we strive to make education unrestricted. Our university unites mastery-based education with hands-on experience in an innovative learning model. Mentorship is a crucial component of our program.
Students work Monday to Thursday in mentor-led apprenticeships to build skills essential for their professional success. On Fridays, they participate in classes taught by industry leaders.
Pairing academics with experience enables students to better meet challenges and equips them to solve problems with efficiency and clarity. Our emphasis on mastery encourages lifelong learning.
Ultimately, we champion education unrestricted because we desire to see our students flourish. The Apprentice University mission is to prepare students to become intentionally extraordinary.


General Participant

This six-month cohort costs $4,495, which includes one mentor and one mentee.

You will also receive a discount of $500 off per person for the next three mentors and mentees your company brings into the program.

Corporate Partner

As an active Apprentice University Corporate Partner, Mentor School costs $3,745 (a $750 discount) for the six-month cohort. This price covers one mentor and two mentees.

You also have the opportunity to bring on three-five more mentors with their mentors for $500 off per person.
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Mentor School
Preparing individuals to confidently and capably mentor colleagues.
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