Dual enrollment for the motivated learner.
High school is the perfect time to grow. With a welcoming community and engaging academics, JumpStart inspires students to do just that.
Dual enrollment for the motivated learner.
High school is a perfect time to focus on personal and professional growth. With a welcoming community and engaging academics, JumpStart inspires students to do just that.

Educating for Success

Apprentice University expands traditional academics to include training in professional and life skills. Seminar-style classes encourage discussion, collaboration, and mastery. Through the JumpStart program, high school and gap-year students can experience these classes first hand. By participating in JumpStart, students can become better innovators, leaders, and communicators.

Practical Learning

In JumpStart, students participate in collegiate-level courses taught by reputable and experienced business professionals. Classes work like seminars and actively integrate discussion, projects, presentations, and mentorship.

Focused Training

As part of the JumpStart program, students also gain access to academic counseling, education training seminars, and admittance to exclusive Apprentice University events. Students learn to network and maximize opportunities.

Supportive Friends

Above all, JumpStart students learn alongside Apprentice University students as part of a close-knit community. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, engaging teachers, and bright students that make for an incredible learning experience.

Currently Running: Spring 2020

Session Dates: January 24, 2020- May 4, 2020

Featured Classes
Building on Professional Communications, this course challenges students in developing highly advanced presentation skills — far beyond the average PowerPoint. Students will gain skills essential for leaders through intensive and practical training.
Using the knowledge learned from Digital Storytelling, delve deeper into video production theory and techniques by using DSLR cameras to tell compelling stories. Master a variety of DSLR storytelling techniques and gain familiarity with professional equipment.
Through art, literature, philosophy, and culture, this course looks at the shifts in history that have shaped the way we think and live today. We dialogue about what we’ve gained & lost in our modern worldview. This class is vital to understanding how we relate to the world.
This is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. Understanding EQ helps enhance success on the job and in life.
If it’s an electronic device made in the last couple of years, chances are it’s connected to the Internet. We call this the “Internet of Things” – or IoT. This IoT class is for anyone who wants to understand the basics of the technology and how IoT impacts our daily lives today and will impact us in the future.
This course focuses on the ethical teachings of the Bible as applied to business conduct, corporate ethics, individual ethics, and mutual responsibilities of employers and employees. It includes case studies, role play, discussion, and roundtable talks with Christian professional.
Why Apprentice University?
Consider these three key features of the Apprentice University experience.


We have a culture of supportive mentorship.


Our experienced instructors and staff members strive to engage with students and assist them in meeting their career and personal goals. Students know they can rely on the guidance of their teachers and leaders.


Instead of grades, we focus on mastery.


We keep track of students' skills using digital badges. Digital badges measure mastery of a subject. In JumpStart, students can fast-track to earning badges if they choose to attend ApprenticeU.


We know young people can achieve great things.


We strive to provide avenues through which the next generation can fulfill their potential. We desire to equip young people to become motivated, professional, and flourishing men and women of character.

An Education Like No Other
JumpStart provides an education unavailable anywhere else. In just one year, I have grown both academically and relationally. The opportunities I have had have shaped me and opened doors I never knew existed. I would definitely recommend JumpStart to every student who desires the most in-depth education.
Faith M