You’re asked this everyday, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As a recent or soon to be high school graduate, your life experiences and career awareness are minimal. Randomly selecting some career just to answer the question is easier than admitting you don’t know.

Experience provides insight into careers of interest, and that experience is best gained by tasting a variety of career opportunities in a safe and controlled fashion. Our programs enable and encourage students to explore many career opportunities – many of which do not even exist today.

By becoming an apprentice, you’ll have the experiences and skills necessary to answer that daunting question with confidence. With nearly three years of real-world experience (the amount most requested on job descriptions), you’ll possess a resume that opens doors.

Selecting a little-known career from a course catalog in a traditional university often results in frustration, dismay, and mountains of debt. Worn is this trail that too often leads to the job of a barista. There's a better way...

Successful apprentices possess...

  • 3,000 to 4,000 hours of legitimate, on the job, professional experience
  • A robust professional network
  • Earnings 160% of their cost of tuition (on average)

Our apprentices graduate with zero debt and often select from a wide variety of job offers from our corporate partner network.


Start the Conversation

1. enroll in and complete our Orienteering program
2. Interview to become an apprentice
3. Begin working 32-ish hours a week in a variety of career fields of interest to you