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As a Discovery Intern, you can fast track your preparation for the professional business world.


Produce real work product to add to
your resume.


Acquire new skills through challenging and meaningful work.


Gain confidence in your abilities by completing portfolio-worthy projects.


As a member of the Discovery Cohort, you can fast track your preparation for the professional business world.


Produce real work product for partner organizations as part of the Discovery Cohort.


Acquire new skills through challenging and meaningful work activities.


Gain confidence in your abilities by completing portfolio-worthy projects.

What will you show employers?

Employers look for skills. But often, students like you have to guess at the best way to gain those skills. So they rush off to "be tested" to determine their skillsets, or worse, spend years (and thousands of dollars) at a college campus under the pretense they'll leave with skills.


    Show them your work.

    The Discovery Internship program takes the guesswork out of preparing for a professional career. It provides avenues to build your portfolio and document your work. If you need a starter set of skills, look no further than becoming a Discovery Intern.
      Starting Your Expedition
      Sharpen the knowledge you already have - and gain much more - by applying it to a professional work environment.


      Work 8-12 hours/week at Apprentice University as an intern to gain experience and skills in the area you're interested in.


      Improve your resume with tangible and essential workplace skills required by any future employer, regardless of your chosen career field.


      Receive invaluable feedback from other interns, supervisors, employers, and Apprentice University instructors and mentors.
      What You'll Have to Show
      As a Discovery Intern, you can earn credentialed digital badges that demonstrate your accomplishment of specific skills. You can share these badges with employers and mentors, as well as add them to your portfolio.
      • Power Skills

        Proficiency in Google Workspace and Microsoft professional applications

      • Management

        Familiarity with collaboration applications and file management

      • Teamwork

        Demonstrate the ability to successfully work in teams and cohorts

      • Communications

        Engage in professional verbal and written communication

      • Problem-Solving

        Become agile and flexible while practicing analytical skills

      • Resourcefulness

        Understand how to better organize and utilize your resources

      • Networking

        Develop networking relationships while learning business etiquette

      • Interpersonal

        Develop self-awareness, self-discipline, maturity, and confidence

      Supporting Your Adventure
      We at Apprentice University created the Discovery Internships to provide another avenue through which students can grow. Here’s some of the ways we support you:


      Apprentice University is a close-knit community.


      Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and bright students that make for a great learning experience.


      Students can access an amazing network.


      Our staff, instructors, and partners engage with students to help them achieve their personal goals.


      We track students' skills with digital badges.


      Digital badges measure a student's progression and mastery of a subject or skill. Earn these badges in Discovery!

      Your Journey Awaits
      As a Discovery Intern, you have access to a variety of courses, workshops, and training sessions. These opportunities will improve your skillset and give you a taste of many professional fields. Here are a few examples!
      This course teaches how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering marketplace feedback and searching for unmet needs of customers. Students learn the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship along with the skills necessary to commence running a competitive business able to flourish in today’s global economy.
      Learn the art of telling a compelling story with video by discovering the fundamentals of storytelling, video production, and digital distribution — using only smartphone cameras and apps. Delve into film terminology, theory, and technique in the pursuit of telling impactful stories that change people.
      Many believe the study of America’s government and Economics will be boring and even depressing. They could not be more mistaken. This course is intended to study both government and economics in unison. They work hand in hand, so students should study them together!
      Become a Discovery Intern
      and begin your adventure.

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