Graduate with hard skills – and the portfolio to show it.
During their time at Apprentice University, our apprentices will develop numerous professional skills. We document these skills using digital badges.
Badges provide a portrait of a student's skill level. A complete digital badge portfolio enables apprentices to share a detailed record of their skills with anyone.
Our certificates are collections of digital badges. Designed by industry professionals, these certificates reflect various career paths a student may pursue.

The Foundations Certificate

Master the Essentials

All Apprentice University students graduate with a basic set of skills, collected in our Foundations Certificate. These skills include essential experience in professional branding, interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, and more. The Foundations Certificate intends to prepare students for any career.
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Digital Storytelling

Tell Stories

Students pursuing this certificate master the art of using digital multimedia - such as blogging, videography, podcasting, creative writing, and photography - to tell visual and auditory stories worth sharing.
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Project Management

Manage Well

Students graduating with the Project Management certificate know how to manage and run projects. It is the perfect starting point for students who ultimately desire to become certified project managers.
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Keep It Safe

Among the most high demand career pathways for the future, the Cybersecurity certificate promises to challenge even the most astute students yet reward them with significant careers upon graduation.
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Tell your brand's story

Students pursuing this certificate learn how to effectively tell a brand's story through video, graphics, and more.
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For this certificate, students learn to charter their own career path by creating new businesses, innovating within an existing business, or solving problems through social entrepreneurship.
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Professional Sales

Serve in Sales

The Professional Sales certificate prepares students to thrive in a consultative, high-value sales position in the professional sales world. Please note: this certificate excludes retail.
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Web Design

Code & Create

The Website Design & User Experiences (UX) certificate prepares a student to consider application and website design and creation through the eyes of the user, skills now in high demand.
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IT Administration

Lead in Tech

This certificate prepares a technology-oriented student to manage and lead an IT organization, including staffing, budgeting, planning, and infrastructure management.
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