Why Discovery is a Great Program to Apply For!

Why Discovery is a Great Program!

Apprentice University | 11.01.2021

An Unexpected Journey

I remember the question, “how are you with phone calls?” Needless to say, I was not thrilled about calling random strangers. This phone call project was for a program at Apprentice University called Discovery Cohort; affectionately, called Disco. Within this project, we had to call about 30 people and thank them for supporting our business and tell them about an upcoming gala. Within this assignment, about 5 people picked up the phone, and only 2 people knew about the company I was calling for. This project really helped me get outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person. 

Discovery helped me gain confidence from within myself, and made business work less daunting.
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Other projects that were included had to do with working in the CRMs and working in Excel. This helped me grow my hard skills and I have used both of these data tools in my current/past apprenticeships. Disco is a great way to grow and prepare yourself for any of your future apprenticeships down the road. I was able to get almost all my power skills badging done, and that took off a lot of worries when I first onboarded for the Apprenticeship program. What's great about Disco is that you get to work for actual businesses and learn through real-world examples/experiences. 

In conclusion, Disco was able to prepare me for my first apprenticeship and beyond. It taught me skills that I used and will continue to use throughout my life. At the beginning of Disco, I did not know what I wanted to do, or if I could even do work in an actual business. I soon figured out that if even if I did not know how to do something, I was able to figure it out. Disco helped me gain confidence from within myself, and made business work less daunting.