How Apprentice University Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

An Unexpected Journey

Apprentice University | 10.4.2021

Are you trying to figure out what’s next? Are you tired of people asking you what you want to do for the rest of your life at 16, 17, or 18 years old? Are you looking for a place to experiment with different career fields? Look no further! Check out this story from one of our apprentices:

It was a cold February morning, and I was terrified! You see, I had an interview that morning with a corporate partner. I was just starting as an Apprentice, and this was the first interview I ever had! I didn’t know what to say or do. I was overthinking what to wear, and I didn’t sleep at all the night before! However, I overcame my nerves and nailed the interview! I was working at my very first apprenticeship soon after! 

Being an apprentice is by no means easy! For almost everyone coming into the program, these apprenticeships are the first full-time jobs we’ve ever had. I was not used to having an 8 hour day. Some major adjustments had to be made for me to get used to it all. I also had to meet all of the requirements of my classes on top of this. I never realized how important time management is.

I have been an apprentice for a little over a year, and have never once regretted my decision to onboard.
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At Apprentice University, our students learn time management skills fast! Between classes, full-time apprenticeships, and personal commitments, our students learning how to best manage their time is imperative. 

Working in new places, doing unfamiliar tasks, and working with unfamiliar schedules, left me open to making a lot of mistakes, and I failed miserably! But even with the huge mistakes, minor accidents, or monumental failures, I was able to learn and grow through those experiences. I’ve been to four different apprenticeships now and have encountered many challenges and roadblocks. I’ve learned to take on projects head first and if I don’t know how to do something, learn it! As our President and Founder, Mr. Brumbarger says, “Hard isn’t bad, hard is just hard!” 

At Apprentice University, we view failure as a learning opportunity. Our students may fail miserably, but we encourage each one to learn from their mistakes, so they can do better next time. 

I have been an apprentice for a little over a year, and have never once regretted my decision to onboard. The program has taken me to jobs I never could have dreamed I’d be working in. From accounting, to web development, and even fundraising, I’ve had a wide variety of experiences! 

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