How Discovery Cohort Can Enhance Your Future

An Unexpected Journey

How Discovery Cohort Can Enhance Your Future

Apprentice University | 9.20.2021

Employers look for skills. But often, students must guess at the best way to gain those skills. So they rush off to “be tested” to determine their skillsets, or worse, spend years (and tens of thousands of dollars) at a college campus under the pretense they’ll leave with skills. 

At Apprentice University, the Discovery Cohort takes the guesswork out of preparing for a professional career. It provides avenues to build your portfolio and document your work. If you need a starter set of skills, look no further than Apprentice University’s Discovery Cohort. Let’s hear from one of our current apprentices who went through Discovery:

It all started on a sunny, August day. The Fall session of classes was ready to begin again at Apprentice University. Over the summer, I heard talk about a new program that would launch shortly after classes started. I didn’t think much about it until that day in August when I received an email about joining the Discovery Cohort. The opportunity was exciting, so I eagerly accepted it!

The Discovery Cohort is a team of young professionals at Apprentice University who come together on Mondays and Thursdays. The cohort is tasked with various projects from partner organizations. We mostly work in teams, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. The goal of Discovery is to expand our resumes and help us gain experience in a wide variety of projects. For me personally, I gained a crash course in legal writing, grant research, and cold call fundraising!


Our students enter the cohort with very few skills, and they come out with a revamped resume.
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Through Discovery, students are provided opportunities to improve their resume with tangible and essential workplace skills required by any future employer, regardless of your chosen career field.

The Discovery Cohort isn’t easy, but it’s been a favorite part of my Apprentice University journey for sure! Everyone in the cohort truly became family, and many of us are still great friends today. We shared lots of laughs, challenges, and problems; we came out being much more advanced in our education than we were before. 

If you’re still in high school or are wondering what’s next for you, consider joining Apprentice University’s Discovery Cohort program. As you read in the story, our students enter the cohort with very few skills, and they come out with a revamped resume ready for a full-time apprenticeship. Click here to learn more about what the Discovery Cohort can offer you!