An Unexpected Journey

How JumpStart Can Propel You Forward For Your Future

Apprentice University | 9.14.2021

High school is the perfect time to grow. With a welcoming community and engaging academics, JumpStart inspires students to do just that. Here’s a story from an apprentice who went through JumpStart first:

Walking through the glass double doors that cloudy September morning brought chills down my spine. In the weeks before this moment, I could hardly control my excitement, but now that the day had come, I was uncontrollably nervous. It was my very first day as a JumpStart student at Apprentice University. I sort of knew what to expect because I attended a Preview Day the session before where I met the staff and some students, but I was still nervous. Little did I know that pulling on the black metal handle of Door #7 to Apprentice University would be one of the biggest life-altering moments to date. “Here we go,” I thought as I took my first steps down the hallway. With my laptop bag slung over my shoulder, I walked not-so-confidently into the Student Center.

The JumpStart program was a monumental moment for my education. I wouldn’t be even close to the person I am today without it. 
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It’s common for students to walk through the doors feeling nervous and anxious, but it’s also common for students to graduate as confident, professional young adults. 

My nerves were quickly challenged to “get over it” as my very first class was Professional Communications. This class is all about public speaking and professional body language. During the first session, my terrible public speaking skills were brought to light when I was challenged to scream, yell, and act during one particular class day. This class really challenged me. After being told over and over again to “project,” my fear of public speaking was soon gone. My confidence in myself was significantly raised. 

At Apprentice University, our students don’t memorize material to regurgitate back on a test. We believe there is much more to learning than studying for tests and finals. Instead, students are up and moving and actively engaging in class discussions!

Capstone day is, in my opinion, one of the best days of the session! Capstone projects are no easier for JumpStart students than they are for apprentices. That being said, the JumpStart program was a monumental moment for my education. I wouldn’t be even close to the person I am today without it. 

By participating in JumpStart, students can become better innovators, leaders, and communicators. Take your high school or post-graduation life to the next level by joining our JumpStart program today! Click here to learn more.