Eliminating Boundaries

Apprentice University takes education out of the box by helping students individualize their education and target it toward their career and personal growth. Our program unites academics and experience to boldly prepare intentionally extraordinary individuals for their future.

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Learning without Boundaries

I always look forward to learning from the many talented people involved with Apprentice University. - Nathan, student
At Apprentice University, we strive to provide avenues through which the next generation can fulfill their potential. This individualized program combines mentor-led apprenticeships, an innovative mastery-based digital badging database, and learning cohorts to unite education with experience. We hope to equip young people who join Apprentice University to become men and women of character and professionalism.

Gaining Experience and Confidence

While at Apprentice University, I have grown on professional and personal levels. I can only imagine where this education will take me. - Andrew, student
Apprentices gain confidence and experience through unique learning and networking opportunities. Through Apprentice University and its customized program, students can graduate with valuable work and life skills, germane experience, and a portfolio of references. They possess both the knowledge and expertise to create value in the world.
Education. Unrestricted.

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