Debt-free college purposefully designed for your outstanding future.
Gain experience in the career you want.
Create friendships that last a lifetime.
Achieve excellence in your professional and personal goals.
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Debt-free college purposefully designed for your outstanding future.
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At Apprentice University,

We understand how overwhelmed you feel about making a decision that affects the rest of your life.

We strive to provide avenues through which YOU can fulfill your potential. Our individualized program combines mentor-led apprenticeships, industry designed digital certificates, and learning cohorts to unite hands-on academics with on-the-job experience. We help young adults develop their character and professionalism.

Apprentice University is a guide for your outstanding future.

Relieve the pressure.

  • Are you unsure about your future?
  • Are you overwhelmed thinking about what's next?
  • Do you feel pressured to make the right decision?
  • Are you concerned about incurring thousands of dollars in debt?
  • Do you wish there were other options?
  • Are you looking for more meaningful higher education models?

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21st Century Employers Seek Individuals With The Following Skills:

teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, professionalism, strong work ethic, communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, adaptability, organization, time management, self-motivation, creativity, innovation

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YOU can achieve great things. You have dreams for your future. You may know what those dreams look like or you may feel overwhelmed because you don’t have them completely formulated.

You may feel anxious because it seems every decision you make will affect your future in some way or another. The unrealistic expectation for you to know what you want to do at a young age is daunting.

At Apprentice University, we understand the stress associated with these pressing decisions. You need help visualizing your dreams and figuring out each step to take. We help guide you along the curvy pathway toward reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

Education The Better Way


After planning, arranging, and managing 200 individual apprenticeships, we know our model is extremely successful.

Learn on the job

21st century employers look for individuals with experience and skills. Apprentice University provides that. Our students graduate with a resume overflowing with professional experiences and skills.

Digital Badging

Our students demonstrate mastery in a number of skills by producing real-world work product to earn digital badges.

Resume over a degree

Badges provide a portrait of a student's skill level. A complete digital badge portfolio enables apprentices to share a detailed record of their skills with anyone.


Our courses include humanities as well as skills-oriented subjects, and they encourage growth in each student's life.

Discussions over lectures

Everything we do is real world. There are no lectures and memorization for regurgitation on tests to receive a meaningless letter grade.

Apply today to avoid enormous amounts of debt while gaining real world experiences and skills that prepare you for your outstanding future.

Apprentice University provides avenues through which YOU can surpass expectations and fulfill your potential.

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When we launched eight years ago, we tore apart the traditional post secondary education model by bringing forward the time-tested model of apprenticeships. But make no mistake, we do NOT offer apprenticeships in the skilled trades. Rather, we plan, arrange, and manage apprenticeships in the high-tech fields of the future, offering professional certificates in marketing, IT administration, cybersecurity, digital storytelling, entrepreneurship, project management, professional sales, web design & UX, and innovation. Our apprentices are working with cutting edge technology in the job landscape of the future such as data analytics, business intelligence, automation, IoT, AI, and digital marketing, just to name a few.

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You'll graduate as a...

skilled, strong, confident, experienced,
mature, equipped, and bold

young professional.

Debt-free college purposefully designed for your outstanding future.

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